Specialized Pricing for Larger Organizations

Health Connect AI offers group pricing for organizations with more than 5 healthcare providers. This program is designed to accommodate the specific needs of various organizations including hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, government bodies, NGOs, and charities.

Eligible Groups

1. Hospitals and Clinics: Customized pricing plans to support healthcare facilities.

2. Schools and Universities: Designed to assist educational institutions in providing health services.

3. Government & NGO Providers: Dedicated rates for government and NGO health service providers.

4. Developing Nation Discount: Accessible pricing for healthcare providers in developing countries.

5. Aid Workers: Support for those providing essential health services in challenging environments.

6. Registered Charities: Special pricing to assist charities in their health-related missions.

Your Details

    Application Process

    To apply, please complete our contact form. Provide details about your organization and its needs, enabling us to create a pricing plan that meets your specific requirements.

    Information Required

    – Name and type of your organization (e.g., hospital, school, NGO)
    – Number of healthcare providers in your organization
    – Specific requirements or circumstances
    – Any additional information relevant to your pricing needs

    Our Commitment

    Upon receiving your application, our team will promptly review the details and respond with a tailored pricing proposal. We are committed to offering responsive and efficient service to meet your organization’s needs.

    Submit Your Application

    We invite you to complete the application form to access our specialized services at a discounted rate. Our goal is to support your organization in delivering quality healthcare.

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