AI Topic Restrictions

Restricted Topics Policy

At our platform, we prioritize the responsible use of AI technology. To maintain a safe and inclusive environment, we have implemented guidelines on restricted topics that cannot be addressed through our Health Connect AI.

Here are the key points to keep in mind:

Illegal Activity: The use of our platform for any illegal activities is strictly prohibited.

Child Exploitation: We do not tolerate any content related to child sexual abuse or harm to children.

Hateful, Harassing, or Violent Content: Generating or promoting content that expresses hate, harasses individuals, or glorifies violence is strictly forbidden.

Malware: Activities aimed at generating disruptive or unauthorized code are not allowed on our platform.

High-Risk Activities: Engaging in activities that pose a high risk of physical or economic harm, such as weapons development or fraudulent practices, is prohibited.

Privacy Violations: Tracking individuals without consent, facial recognition of private individuals, or unlawful collection and disclosure of personal information are not allowed.

Legal, Financial, and Medical Advice: Our models are not intended to provide legal, financial, or medical advice. Consult qualified professionals for these matters.

Adult Content and Services: We do not support the generation of explicit or pornographic content, but sex education and wellness topics are exceptions.

Political Campaigning or Lobbying: Use of our platform for generating political campaign materials or lobbying is not permitted.

Life-Threatening Issues: In cases that require immediate attention, seek professional help or contact emergency services.

We use the Open AI moderation API to check text. In some cases, it may incorrectly flag content as inappropriate. If this happens to you, you may be able to clarify the question to make it more appropriate.

For more detailed information and a complete list of prohibited activities, please refer to the Open AI website. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a responsible and safe platform for all users.

We take these restrictions very seriously. Users that do not follow the rules may have their account suspended without notice (This is an automated process)

If this happens, customer support we be notified, and we will reach out to you for clarification of your use-case. If we are able to modify your queries to comply with Open AI’s moderation rules, your account will be manually reactivated by Health Connect AI support staff.

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