Raymond Davey

Harnessing AI to Transform Global Healthcare

As the founder of Health Connect AI, Raymond Davey has dedicated his career to the intersection of technological innovation and healthcare excellence.

With a storied history of entrepreneurial success, including a remarkable 7 figure SaaS exit, Raymond stands as a testament to the power of a solo founder to defy expectations and drive significant industry advancements.

His expertise in lean startup growth and strategic market entry is now channeled into Health Connect AI, a platform that promises to revolutionize healthcare practices worldwide.

Our vision is to empower underserved regions with AI-driven healthcare, ensuring easy access to knowledge, quality care, accurate diagnoses, and educational resources, all while bridging language divides.

Raymond Davey- Founder

Key Highlights for Investors:

  • Innovative Healthcare Access

    Health Connect AI brings unparalleled 24/7 access to AI-based medical expertise, especially crucial in remote and underserved regions, ensuring no patient is left behind.

  • Expertise-Driven AI Solutions

    The platform is not just an information provider but a comprehensive suite of in-depth analysis tools and precise solutions, crafted by a founder who's an authority in AI application within the healthcare sector.

  • Global Language Support

    With multilingual capabilities, Raymond's vision encompasses a world where language is no longer a barrier to high-quality healthcare education and resources.

  • Streamlined Clinical Efficiency

    Raymond's platform elevates clinical practice by providing rapid symptom analysis and personalized treatment planning, backed by his proven success in building efficient systems that endure.

  • Educational Empowerment

    His commitment to improving healthcare outcomes extends to patient education, where his AI technology offers multilingual translation capabilities, simplifying complex medical information for better patient comprehension and adherence.

  • Mobile Clinic Transformation

    Health Connect AI effectively turns any device into a mobile clinic, a game-changer for healthcare provision in remote settings, conceptualized by a leader who deeply understands the needs of agile and adaptable healthcare delivery.

By leveraging his proven track record, deep domain expertise, and a commitment to social change, Raymond Davey’s Health Connect AI stands poised to create a legacy of sustainable impact in the healthcare industry.OK

Investors are invited to join Raymond on this journey at Health Connect AI, a venture where innovation meets necessity, and every investment translates into a step towards a healthier, more connected world.

Notable Achievements

Founder - Health Connect AI

Health Connect AI is a revolutionary platform that provides healthcare professionals with 24/7 access to highly trained, AI-based medical experts. Avoid lengthy wait times for peer consultation and the hassle of sifting through medical literature. With Health Connect AI, clinicians receive instant and specialized guidance, especially in geographically remote areas where access to knowledge can be challenging.

Open AI Course Author and Speaker

Writer and presenter for OpenAI, GPT, ChatGPT and DALL-E Masterclass. 6000+ students. Author of AI Unleashed : The future of AI in Healthcare. Guest Conference and Online speaker on all things related to OpenAI and ChatGPT.

Award Winning Software Developer and Entrepreneur

Winner of PC World Magazine "Best New Zealand Software" and Winner of PC User Magazine "Product of the Year" (Australia)

Owner/Director of NZA Gold (Acquired for 7 figures)

This highly successful Accounting Software package was trading for 11 years. It was acquired by MYOB (A publicly listed company on the ASX). At the time it was being used by 20,000 companies to run their business, and held 50%+ share of the accounting software market in New Zealand. (Ref: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/technology/43m-deal-for-nz-software/SZ3NNM2XSVLNCPM764Q7E52IQQ/)

Trusted Bank Integration Expert

In a New Zealand first, Raymond was trusted by one of largest banks (NBNZ) to integrate directly into the NZ banking system to process real time payments and transactions without the use of a third party intermediatory.

Writer and Author

Writer of several books published on Amazon. "Mindset Mastery for Entrepreneurs: Simplify, Focus, and Thrive in a Hectic World," "Fix your Lousy Meetings with Lean Coffee: The Ultimate Guide," and "650+ Memory Prompts for your Autobiography, Memoir or Life Story".

Specialist Consultant for Genecology and Midwifery Software

Design and implementation of a comprehensive C# ASP/MVC framework to accelerate the transition of several desktop based medical applications into the web. Implement strategies to eliminate risk, provide backwards data compatibility, migrate existing business rules and ensure reliable software releases with continuous delivery through the use of build, test and deployment automation.

Specialist Consultant for Anesthesia Software Solution

Developer of a mobile app that is used in operating theatres by Anesthetists throughout New Zealand. Allows them to do billing and track time spent on operations. Also provides a diary of upcoming and completed operations.

Multiple Successful Startups and Exits

4 successful acquisitions, and active (ongoing) involvement in multiple SaaS applications (AI and non-AI based)

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